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Our passion is to capture stories and images of nature and wildlife.

We are from Sweden but are based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Andreas Oberg

Natalie Oberg



Camera Operators - Filmmakers - Post Production

​   We are wildlife and documentary filmmakers, camera operators and image post production specialists based in Leicestershire, UK. In our filmwork we’ve been focusing on topics of conservation and wildlife protection together with delivering high image quality and technical knowledge to the productions. Recently we’ve been working together with BBC Blue Planet Live in Baja California. 

   Currently we are working on multiple projects encompassing regions from the Antarctic and Arctic to the jungles of South-East Asia and Central America. We are focusing on blue chip natural history filming as well as documenting wildlife rescue and conservation efforts.

   We have a strong background in real-time VFX & Post Production where we have created a unique cutting-edge pipeline of first filming nature phenomena such as ocean, weather and fire and then compositing the material for real-time experiences. Our clients have been Microsoft, Apple, Warner Bros, Formula 1, as well as a large number of other studios.

   We are both members of Guild of Television Camera Professionals and International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers.

Key Camera Skills

Long Lens Cinematography, 2 x Red Helium 8K, Canon 50-1000mm

Super Slow Motion,  Phantom VEO4K 990


  Secondary Camera Skills
  • Both are Professional Certified UK Drone Pilots

  • Movi Pro Gimbal

  • Timelapse

  • Macro

  Main Equipment
  • 2 x Red Weapon CF Helium 8K (owner)

  • Canon CN20x50, Canon 600 F4 IS II (owner)

  • Phantom VEO4k 990, PL/EF. 1000fps 4K DI, 2000fps in 2K (owner)

  • Movi Pro Gimbal with Ignite Modifications (owner)

  • DJI Inspire 2 X7 Cinema Premium (owner)

   Also experience with
  • Shotover F1 (Setup, software, payload building, BBC Blue Planet Live)

  • Sony F7 II (Blue Planet Live filming)

  • Kessler Motion Control Timelapse

  • Canon



   We put a lot of focus on researching and testing equipment and have close contact with the manufacturer of both equipment and software. We visit Red, OConnor, Ronford Baker and have frequent conversations with various manufacturers like Teradek, Bright Tangerine, F&V Light, Neat Video, Autodesk, SideFX etc.


  • 2 x Red Weapon Carbon Fibre Helium 8K

  • Phantom VEO4K 990, PL/EF

  • Canon 20x50 (50-1000, 1.5 extender to 1500mm) EF mount, ZSD-300D Zoom Servo Controller, Libec Zoom Servo

  • Canon 600mm F4 IS II

  • Movi Pro Gimbal, Ignite Power expansions, Freefly Controller. Main lenses Zeiss Otus 28mm f1.4, 55mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.4

  • Teradek Remote Focus, SmallHD 702 ultra bright, Teradek Cine 7 Ultra Bright monitor, Bolt 500 TX, Heden motor

  • OConnor 2560, Heavy Duty tripod, Ronford Baker Baby/Micro tripod. 

  • Drone: Inspire 2 X7 full premium cinema drone setup: 16mm f2.8, 24mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8, 50mm 2.8, 2xCendence controller, 2x7" ultra bright monitors

  • Heavy Duty Color Grading PCs (Xeon 28 CPU cores, 128GB, 2 Titan X GPUs, 300TB storage) with 4K DCI reference monitor.

  • Kippertie 2 x Revolva RED ND Filters 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 stops

  • Audio. Sound Devices 833 8 channel recorder, A Double Mid Side Array of Schoeps microphones (2xCCM4 and CCM8) for surround sound, Telinga Parabolic Dish, Sanken Shotgun CS-3e

  • Backup Drone: Mavic Pro 2

  • Sachtler Video 20 S1, carbon fibre tripod, Gitzo Systematic tripod 2x5, 3 & 1

  • Macro: Canon Macro MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x magnification, Canon 100mm f/2.8 IS, Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2X, Laowa Probe 24mm

  • Trost Heavy Duty Slider 1m (200kg payload)

  • Canon 1DX Mark2, 5DSR and a large number of lenses, Canon 16-35 F2.8 III, 70-200 f2.8 II, 24-70 2.8 III, 100-400 II IS etc

  • Red cine primes PL 18mm T1.8, 35mm T1.8, 300mm T2.8, Red 18-85 PL T2.8 Zoom

  • Bright Tangerine Strummer Mattebox

  • Expedition tent Hilleberg Atlas (8 people) and 4 people tent Keron 4GT and Namatj 3

  • 2xSpecial Forces 160L backpacks with full water protection (we live in the UK!)

  • A large number of film cameras: Chamonix 8x10, Toyo 8x10, Chamonix 4x5, Hasselblad 50cx, Pentax 6x7, Rolleiflex

Post Production​

   Blue Planet Live post production of several key shots such as closeups of Blue whales, Humpback whales and pelican feeding frenzy. For the closeups we also used our own class leading, in-house developed sharpening software, Quantum Sharpening, which used a highly advanced sharpening technique similar to what NASA uses for astrophotography processing (contact for further details). Quantum sharpening is currently also being used in a production featuring insect macro closeups.

Cutting edge in realtime Post Production VFX with 13 AAA titles produced, Warner Brothers Mad Max Game, Microsoft Sea of Thieves, Formula 1, Colin McRae Dirt 3, Hitman etc.

  • Davinci Resolve Editing & Color Grading

  • Advanced noise reduction, sharpening and stabilization

  • LRTimelapse

  • After Effects, Fusion FX

  • Premiere Pro, FCPX

  • SideFX Houdini FX, Maya, 3DS Max

  • Izotope RX audio restoration, 

  • Pro Tools, Cubase/Nuendo

  • Expert in Photoshop

  • 20 years of experiencing in art tools programming​


​   Andreas Oberg

  • Winner, Monochrome Awards Wildlife Discovery of the Year 2019. 4 Honorable mentions.

  • 5 Honorable Mentions, Monochrome Awards 2018

  • 4 Honorable Mention for Monochrome Awards 2017

  • 3 shortlisted photos for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

  • 6th place and 1 Honorable Mention, Digital Photographer of the year 2017

  • 2 shortlisted for International Wildbird Photographer of the Year 2017

  • 2 shortlisted photos for Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017

  • Bafta Award: Formula 1 2010

  • Bafta Nominated: Hitman

  • Bafta Nominated Dirt 3

  Natalie Oberg

  • 3 Honorable Mentions, Monochrome Awards 2019

  • 8 Honorable Mentions, Monochrome Awards 2018

  • 1 Highly Commended, Digital Photographer of the year 2017

  • 3 Honorable Mentions, Monochrome Awards 2017

  • 1 shortlisted photo for Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017

  • 3 shortlisted International Wildbird Photographer of the Year 2017


  • Winner of Best Visual Design, Sea of Thieves, The Independent Game Developers' Association Awards 2018

  • Winner of Best Xbox Game, Best multiplayer Game, Gamescom 2018

  • 22 Nominations for Sea of Thieves


​   Various

  • Andreas configured Red Helium for optimal quality for the Blue Planet Live for quick live turnaround with optimal quality while Natalie was Shotover technician and camera assistant. Andreas also filmed.

  • Natalie is a large format film photographer and ambassador for Ilford Film.

  • Andreas was Associate Art Director and Lead VFX and in charge of reference video/photography on-site for the Mad Max movie recording sand of "storms", landscape and flame throwers etc.

  • Andreas was in charge of video/photo reference gathering in Peru rainforest for Avalanche Studios

  • Both are Advanced Scuba Divers with 7 specialities, including shark, wreck and night diving.

  • Andreas is a certified Swedish ski instructor with avalanche training in Frilufsfrämjandet

  • Andreas is a composer of classical piano music, featured on television in USA

  • Natalie is a published book illustrator in multiple countries

In the News

  • Zerb article coming winter 2021

  • Two Leicester Mercury articles about our Costa Rica Movie and animal rescue

  • Microsoft Post Production Interview

  • Swedish Television interview for TV4 about our Costa Rica film. It became the second most popular clip on SVT Play at its time.

  • Ilford Photo Interview

  • Presenter for Wild Animal Protection at travel fair about animal rights

  • Various articles and photos in Wild Animal Protection magazine

  • Avalanche in the jungle short movie



  • FV Light - Portable Lighting Solutions 

  • Bright Tangerine -  Cinema Matteboxes

  • Ilford Film

  • Natalie is an ambassador for Wanderer Photo Gear



   We have a strong background in academia and believe in thorough research in every project we undertake. Andreas studied physics and finance for 8 years, at times at 5 universities simultaneously. Natalie has a bachelor in psychology with a focus on creative teams.

   2 Published Research Papers in Mathematical Physics for Lund University in Noise Reduction using Random Matrix Theory and Quantum Chaos. Andreas developed a new type of noise reduction that was, at the time, world leading. Presented in Tokyo and Poland symposium "Applied Quantum Chaos". Link 1 Link 2


   Research Publication in Psychology. "The role of the physical work environment for creative employees - a case study of digital artists", Natalie was the first in the world to study the influence of the work environment on creative employees and got published in the prestigious The International Journal of Human Resource. She worked with Pixar, Dreamworks etc for the data collection.


What People say about us


Les Harris, Director/Producer and founder of Canamedia ("the largest source for television content in the world")

In 2013 I directed a one hour documentary in Costa Rica (currently in editing) about a wildlife rescue ranch, along with a separate interview for BBC Television. The DOP on both was Andreas Oberg and our primary camera was the Red Epic. Scenes we had to film ranged from animals in the rainforest, to dramatized poacher scenes, to police seizure actuality video, to sequences in the animal sanctuary itself.

I found Andreas intimate knowledge of the Red and his ability to light in various situations to be better than any other cameraman I have used in the past 5 years. Andreas was also the camera operator too and on many occasions had to look after the downloading of the footage onto hard drives as well. He works well as a DOP, giving helpful advice to the Director and at all times and willing to go the additional mile, even when filming schedules led to missing lunch. I would definitely use him again and I would highly recommend him. 


Andreas Oberg

Martin Bergquist, Art Director, Avalanche Studios

Andreas worked with me on Mad Max as lead VFX Artist and Associate Art director. He was one of those persons you always wish you had in your team, Quality high driven, easy going and very hard working. He has a strong artistic eye with the unique combination understanding and being able to push the technology forward to reach the artistic goals.

Nathan Fisher, Senior Art Director, Natural Motion

Andreas is one of the best Lead VFX artists that I've had the pleasure of working with. His analytical yet creative approach to VFX was very refreshing whilst still delivering high quality effects. A very passionate and committed Artist, always striving to deliver AAA quality in every aspect of his work. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Mike Smith, Art Director at Pixel Toys

I worked with Andreas on Operation Flashpoint: Red River, when he was Lead VFX Artist. He impressed me with both his artistic eye and extensive technical knowledge. From the start he was very proactive, championing the department to ensure it received the wider support it deserved and was key to driving up the visual quality of all the effects. Under his leadership he built a strong art team and secured much needed technical support. He helped set a strong vision for the direction of his department, and put in tremendous amounts of energy into delivering the project under very tight timescales. A pleasure to work with, I’d highly recommend him in any Lead VFX role.


Peter Ridgway, Global CG Supervisor, King

I was lucky enough to work with Andreas during his time at Codemasters. He quickly built a reputation within the company as a very proactive artist, able to distill art requirements and technology limitations into concise areas and tackle them systematically, the organization and drive he brought to the VFX team during his time was remarkable. I highly recommend Andreas and would absolutely love to work with him again in the future, He's easy to get on with and a great person to have on a development team, well-liked by art and Code in equal measure.

Natalie Oberg


Mad Max. Avalanche Studios, Warner Brothers

Oskar Blomberg, Technical Art Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Natalie in the production of [the Max Max game] developed by Avalanche Studios. Natalie was always very dedicated to her work, learning new tools with ease, traveling the world to photograph sky material during the most uncomfortable working hours and with a minimum amount of guidance needed. She always put in those extra hours to meet our deadlines with a big smile! Natalie's artistic skills proved to be very valuable when it came to finalizing all content and manually filling in the gaps. The end result speaks for itself - some of the most beautiful sky domes in the industry! Natalie has a can-do-attitude and spreads a positive vibe among her co-workers. I would recommend Natalie to any team in need of a multi-talented photographer, filmmaker or 2D artist.”

Magnus Anteroinen, Senior VFX Artist, Avalanche Studios

Natalie’s matte paintings made a huge visual impact on our game Mad Max and truly made the world come to life. I have never seen skies look so good in any computer game before. Not only is Natalie a very talented artist but also a pleasure and inspiration to work with. She would not hesitate to go up 5:00 in the morning or climb mountains to get the perfect material when required and repaint hundreds of photos to make just ONE perfect sky.

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