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Current. Phantom VEO super slow motion filming of insects.

2020 - February. Penguins - The Falkland Islands.

2019 - BBC Blue Planet Live, Mexico Baja. We worked together with Florian Schultz for the sequences with blue whales, humpback whales and pelican feeding frenzy. View our reel here:
We did

- Natalie was Shotover F1 gimbal technician as well as camera assistant doing the focus pulling from the film boat

- Andreas prepped the Red Helium for live transmission and optimal quality

- Andreas also did the post production on all the detail close up shots (cropping, stabilisation, sharpening, noise reduction)

- Andreas also was asked by BBC to film additional material of whales and Chris Peckham with Sony FS7 Mark 2.

2019. We spent 4 month with Florian Schultz Productions, Mexico Baja. Some of the things that were our responsibilities:

  • Phantom VEO4k setup and testing

  • Shotover F1 gimbal setup and configuration of both cameras as well as software configuration

  • Red Monstro 8K vs Red Helium 8K quality comparison

  • Ronford Baker Bazooka configuration for filming from both boat and car with gimbal

  • Kessler Motion Control Timelapse

On our own we also did:

  • Did 55 dives over a 5 week period diving with bullsharks, fish tornados, hundreds of manta rays, with sea lions, whale sharks, turtles etc

  • 2 months of moon timelapses in the desert, 8K Canon 5DSR, 1DX Mark 2. 

2017 -  Discovery Channel Canada. Spinner dolphin section on Daily Planet.

2015 - Present. Sri Lanka.  Focusing on the life of the endangered toque macaques in Sri Lanka as well as elephants, eagles, bee-eaters etc. Early Development.

2014 - Present. Sea Birds.  United Kingdom. We have followed Puffins for the past 4 years on Skomer/Wales and recently also gannets. Early Development.

2015 - Present. Filming Nature Phenomena for Microsoft UK, Rare Ltd, in slow motion (ocean, underwater, fire, smoke) and VFX compositing for interactive game Sea of Thieves. Lead VFX (compositing), 6 year project.

2013 - Present. Costa Rica Wildlife Rescue Documentary - A Documentary we filmed about wildlife rescue efforts in Costa Rica filmed in 5k with Red Epic MX. Material ready for post production.

2011-2013 - Nature photography and compositing for Mad Max, Warner Brothers, Avalanche Studios Mad Max, 2 year project. Lead of compositing/VFX, skies, weather and natural phenomenas. Responsible for reference photography and video on Mad Max Movie shoot in Namibia.

2013 - Avalanche in the Jungle - Promotional and fundraising video for the Toucan Rescue Ranch together with Swedish game developer Avalanche Studios. Filmed on site with Red Epic MX. The funds made it possible to construct an animal release site for the injured animals.

2013 - BBC Television - DOP. Interview of Director/Producer Les Harries.

2013-2015 - World Animal Protection. We produced video material and were public speakers on schools in Sweden about animal welfare questions.

2013 - FV Lighting the Animals of the Jungle 1 & 2 - Sponsor Short for F&V Lights.

2009-2011. Realtime VFX post production. Dirt 3, Formula 1 2010, Formula 1 2011, Operation Flashpoint, Bodycount, Hitman Absolution, Kane and Lynch 1 & 2, Mini Ninjas and Hitman BM.

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