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At our very core we believe that the story matters the most, but in everything, we do we always strive to bring forth the best image that is technically possible. We come from a long background in VFX and have worked on 13 larger titles. We have photographed and composited skies for the Mad Max game, created all VFX for Microsoft Rare: Sea of Thieves, worked on Formula 1 etc.

Andreas has also published research in mathematical physics, Lund Institute of Technology, in noise reduction and Natalie has published work regarding artistic environments for Lund University.

We use this technical background in every step of selecting, sensors, lenses, but also in composition, post production and color grading. 

The programs we use are:

Davinci Resolve, Fusion FX, After Effects, Photoshop, Houdini FX

In this section, we will post technical articles of the tests that we have performed. Examples of studies that we have performed the last year are:

  • Canon CN20x50 50-1000mm image quality vs Canon 600 f/4 IS II

  • Kippertie Revolva ND filter

  • Stabilization in Mocha Pro vs Davinci Resolve

  • Measurement of stability of OConnor 2560, 120ex, 2575D, Ronford Baker Atlas 50, Sachtler Video 20 S1, various tripod legs

  • Long lens stability techniques

  • Noise Reduction Techniques

  • Bebob micro batteries

  • Zeiss Otus for wildlife film making

  • Optimizing setup of Mov Pro for Red

  • Kippertie 2TB Longtake

  • Sharpening techniques used by NASA for wildlife

  • Lowpass, debayer softening

  • Sensor noise and dynamic range in cinema sensors

  • Deflickering time-lapses in post-production

  • Wide angle Canon DSLR lenses quality

  • Teradek Remote Focus


Feel free to contact us with questions.

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